About Us

The LaLanne Bootcamp “Experience” has been developed through a family heritage dedicated to creating healthy lifestyles all across the country. Chris LaLanne is the grand nephew of Jack LaLanne, “The Godfather of American Fitness.” Jack is well known for kick starting the fitness revolution in the United States and a legend in the Health & Fitness Industry. The LaLanne FAMILY LEGACY of helping people help themselves by improving their health, fitness and overall wellness is part of our national history. Jack and Elaine LaLanne have spent their entire lives motivating millions of people to exercise, create lifelong sound nutritional choices and to live life to it’s fullest. After 9 years of operating one of San Francisco’s most successful CrossFit affiliates, Maribel and Chris LaLanne recognized the need for a strength and endurance program that includes an immediately-accessible combination of exercises. Many years of group and personal training with clients of all levels, has allowed Chris LaLanne to develop a new brand of fitness… an incredibly effective, efficient workout known as HIIT30.